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Celia Cruz Tribute Tee

Celia Cruz Tribute Tee

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“En la vida no hay nadie solo, siempre hay alguien” [in life there is no one alone, there is always someone]

In her iconic song, “La Vida es un Carnaval,” Celia Cruz reminds us that no one is alone, life is ephemeral, and we all have the capacity to find joy, despite sorrow.

At the start of 2020 I made a conscious decision to stop listening to sad songs; I’d gone through a traumatic breakup 6 months prior and tbh I was sick of myself. Sick of crying every night into my pillow. Sick of perpetuating my sadness with a sad soundtrack. I wanted to break through the grief barrier and feel something other than loneliness and despair. I wanted joy. I wanted hope. I wanted...the carnival.

And so, I declared this my official 2020 track—all before knowing we’d be spending most of the year in a collective liminal space, and needing this reminder more than ever.

La Vida es un Carnaval was my most streamed song of 2020, having played it over 200 times. it’s gotten me out of bed on mornings I couldn’t bear to do so. It’s kept me out of the abyss on nights when the abyss was most tempting. It’s tethered me during a time when I thought I might just float away.

This song is a spell.

How can anyone ever be alone when we are altogether floating on a spinning rock in infinite space?

What I’ve come to realize is that none of us can survive without art. art, regardless of the medium, tells a story—and it’s those stories that have helped us navigate this global crisis with some small semblance of trust. It’s because of art that we are able to see ourselves reflected in each other. It’s by seeing ourselves reflected in each other that we are reminded we are most certainly not alone in this uncertain place.



  • hand dyed marigold colorway
  • 6.5 ounce garment dyed cotton
  • All gender fit
  • Shrink resistant
  • High neck and drop sleeves
  • (this is the same garment as the "don't worry" tee)

Made in Los Angeles by seamstresses paid fair wages + benefits

Screenprinted by a family owned printer in Newbury Park, CA 

Created, illustrated, and hand dyed by Neghar Fonooni


Due to the nature of tie dye, every piece is completely unique. Dye variations and "imperfections" are to be expected. To preserve the lifespan of your tee and prevent bleeding, it is highly recommended that you wash inside out, cold, with like colors and dry with low or no heat.


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