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Aries Full Moon Spell Kit
Aries Full Moon Spell Kit
Aries Full Moon Spell Kit

Aries Full Moon Spell Kit

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Florida water has long been utilized in various types of witchcraft and ancient metaphysical arts. It can be used in a myriad ways, such as cleansing your hands prior to spell work, freshening the energy of a room, cleansing your crystals, offering in a dish on your altar to your guides or ancestors, and even washing your floors.

This batch of Florida water was handmade by me using vodka as a base (please don't drink it!), fresh plumerias gathered from the sidewalks in my neighborhood, fresh rosemary that my kiddo brought home from his job at the farmer's market, cinnamon sticks, and bergamot, jasmine, rose, vetiver, and sandalwood essential oils. The scent is heady and earthy and energetically feels like big daddy Magician/Emperor vibes.

Each 4 ounce spray bottle has a lil' bb tiger's eye pebble—a gentle but fiery assist in staying calm amidst chaos, clearing negative energy, and protecting your peace.

The accompanying spell is intended to help you stabilize heightened emotions, ground and center your energy, and collect yourself before speaking + acting. Cooler heads prevail, and this spell kit is focused on creating space for you to act within your highest emotional integrity, even when things feel chaotic and overwhelming.

You will also receive a 3x3 card featuring a "be cool honey bunny" artwork created by me, a la Jules Winnfield from the Tarantino classic, Pulp Fiction. Because no matter how intense things can get, it always pays to be cool, baybee.

I hope you will receive this offering with an open heart and a willingness to allow magic to work its way into your bones, down to the marrow. I won't advise you on how to use them because it simply isn't my place to do so, but I will encourage you to do whatever feels right.

It has been an honor to create these kits for you. Thank you for accepting this magic.

Each Aries Full Moon Spell Kit contains:

  • a 4 ounce amber bottle of handmade florida water + tiger's eye pebbles 
  • a spell written and illustrated by me, printed on 4x6 100lb paper (this spell will not be shown publicly on S+S but is yours to do with what you wish.)
  • a "be cool honey bunny" hand drawn artwork, printed on 3x3 100lb cardstock

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