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Might Fuck Around and Defund the Police (This is a spell)

In the city of Los Angeles, more than half of the public budget is funneled into law enforcement—an organization that was started, not to protect and serve, but to catch runaway slaves. True to its slave catching history, police forces continue to brutalize and criminalize Black and Brown folks disproportionately.

Meanwhile, the houseless crisis is overwhelming, public schools are devastatingly underfunded, mental health care is essentially non existent, and millions of Americans cannot afford basic health care.

Many of our schools lack the funding to provide adequate counseling services or educational programming, and the school to prison pipeline keeps the system working in the way it was meant: by criminalizing marginalized communities and keeping the for-profit prison system in business.

We've had enough. 

We absolutely must work to defund the police and funnel those resources into our community—they have too much money, too much power, and too much immunity and impunity. The People's Budget can and will be realized. 

Defund the police is the strategy. Abolish the police is the goal. Fuck the police is the attitude.

22% of proceeds will be funneled back into the revolution via the LA Action Bail Fund and Black Mamas Matter.



Neghar and Matt are wearing size large

Fit: All Gender cut, for all bodies and identities to wear their activism

Fabrication: 100% garment dyed heavy cotton

Care: Wash cold inside out with like colors, tumble dry low


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