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Salt and Sorcery

Back to the Garden: Collected Works (PRE ORDER)

Back to the Garden: Collected Works (PRE ORDER)

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THIS IS A PRE ORDER. The book is expected to ship after the Vernal Equinox, towards late March. All pre orders will include an exclusive 4-pack of full color postcards from the book's illustrations, as well as a hand drawn california poppy bookmark, evocative of the book's cover. While every book is signed by the author, the first 100 pre-orders will include personalized inscriptions. 

Please note: if you order this book + in stock offerings in the same order, they will ship together in March. If you would like your in stock items to ship now, please place a separate order.


Back to the Garden is a carefully curated selection of my favorite poems, essays, and letters from my four published works, accompanied by brand new illustrations. It borrows its title from a line in the song "Woodstock," which Joni Mitchell first performed live at the 1969 Big Sur Folk Festival.
We are stardustBillion year old carbonWe are goldenCaught in the devil's bargainAnd we've got to get ourselvesBack to the garden
When I wrote my first book in 2019, and published it in early 2020, I was an entirely different version of myself than I am now. The same, of course, can be said for each subsequent book, as we are malleable creatures in perpetual metamorphosis. Each book is a time capsule of who I was when I wrote it, with a personality and energy of its own: 

This is Just What it's Like Sometimes is raw and hopeful—an exercise in processing grief and healing through heartbreak. Many of the essays are about personal growth and autonomy. Writing this book helped me reclaim myself in the face of great loss, and I am who I am today because of it.

Three Whiskey's Deep was written during the most isolating months of the pandemic, poems spontaneously punched out on my vintage typewriter and later fleshed out into their final form. It is existential and cosmically inclined. Writing this book helped me navigate the deepest depressive state of my life thus far by serving as a constant reminder that no one is alone in this uncertain place.

In the Fullness of Time is tender, nostalgic, and luminous. I wrote about my childhood and about being a single mother. And I wrote letters to men I have loved, letters to help me forgive and say goodbye. Writing this book helped me heal parts of my inner child, and led me home to myself.

The Spectrum of Visible Light was born in the dawn of my 40th year and written throughout its various stages as a reflection on my own experience of aging. It is, at its core, an ode to slowness and softness as ways of being. I published this book after spending close to a year sitting in daily meditation; it is my first and only published work that does not contain a single piece about a romantic interest, and as such, feels as though it is the most me of all four.

Over the past year I have combed through these books and pulled out my personal favorites, compiling them into what will bookend this era of my expansion and writing career. Each written work will be accompanied by an illustration, all of which will serve as the blueprints for my forthcoming oracle deck.


Why should you pre-order a book?

As an independent artist and self-published author, I do not receive a book advance from a publishing house, which would allow me to cover the cost of living as I write, illustrate, and edit each book. When you pre-order my books, you are helping to collectively crowd source that advance, which directly supports artists. This type of mutual aid puts the power back into the people's hands, and is a profound expression of community.


For international readers: if you wish to avoid international shipping costs, the book is available on all Amazon marketplaces. It will not be signed as it does not ship from me.



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