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Salt and Sorcery

Fluorite Elmwood

Fluorite Elmwood

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An extremely rare and powerful stone from the Elmwood mine in Tennessee, this fluorite specimen is from my personal collection. It is my firm belief that crystals belong to no one—they are meant to be fostered for a while and to move on when their time with us has come to a close. My elmwood pieces have served me well, and now, two of them have asked to move on.

I couldn't possibly display the audacity necessary to tell you what elmwood does or the type of energy it emanates—you will have to find out for yourself. When you're ready for elmwood, you'll know, and it will tell you its secrets. Elmwood is meant for deep excavation and intense spiritual work; proceed with caution.

(This piece is mostly fluorite with a tiny calcite baby nestled into it.)

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