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Salt and Sorcery

Full Moon Florida Water

Full Moon Florida Water

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Confidence. Charisma. Creativity.

Hand crafted and poured by me with a custom blend of botanicals and essential oils, this Leo Full Moon Florida Water was brewed and charged on the full moon, and poured two weeks later on the new moon in Aquarius.

This limited batch was created to call in the radiant, confident, charismatic energy of Leo. It smells absolutely divine and can be used to cleanse your hands, crystals, or sacred spaces before spiritual work, tarot readings, meditation, and ritual. You can also pour some into a spray bottle and use as a room freshener.

I hope you will receive this offering with an open heart and a willingness to allow magic to work its way into your bones, down to the marrow. It has been an honor to create this florida water for you. Thank you for accepting this magic.

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