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Salt and Sorcery

Golden healer tower

Golden healer tower

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Golden healer is one of my absolute favorite crystals. As a master healer amalgamation of quartz and iron, it stimulates the crown chakra, opening us up to the divine light of Universal consciousness. It allows for a person's own healing to radiate outward, as a healed person is a gift to the entire collective. Think of it as a sunshine IV drip that allows you to vibrate at your highest frequency. My Leo sun adores this energy because it reminds me that my energy directly affects those around me, and as such, I strive to be responsible for the energy I bring to the collective.

This golden healer tower is stunning in its complexity, and will make both a gorgeous display piece, and a powerful spiritual tool. It is tabby, which means it's flat on both sides, and sits so perfectly in the hand.

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