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Leo Full Moon Spell Kit
Leo Full Moon Spell Kit
Leo Full Moon Spell Kit

Leo Full Moon Spell Kit

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Back in November, after publishing my latest book, The Spectrum of Visible Light, I bought a bouquet of marigolds for myself at the farmer's market. They sat in a vintage blue mason jar in my writing nook until they were passed their prime, and then I pulled out all the petals and dried them on my altar for months.

Marigolds are the herb of the sun; they represent radiance and warmth and a positive, hopeful outlook. They are said to harness the warm, brilliant, powerful energy of the sun—and I knew they would be perfect for the Leo Full Moon.

Each glass vial in this spell kit contains a combination of marigold petals and citrine pebbles to remind you that a sunshine drip is always available to you, because YOU are the sun bbgirl. The kit is complete with a 2 inch orange chime candle for spell work.

    The spell itself is centered around confidence, self worth, and activating the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Each spell—written and illustrated by me—will ship in a protective sleeve, awaiting its home in your sacred spaces.

    I hope you will receive this offering with an open heart and a willingness to allow magic to work its way into your bones, down to the marrow. I won't advise you on how to use them because it simply isn't my place to do so, but I will encourage you to do whatever feels right.

    It has been an honor to create these kits for you. Thank you for accepting this magic.

    Each Cancer Full Moon Spell Kit contains:

    • a 10ml glass vial of marigold petals + citrine pebbles 
    • a spell written and illustrated by me, printed on 4x6 100lb paper (this spell will not be shown publicly on S+S but is yours to do with what you wish.)
    • a 2 inch orange chime candle cleansed with aquarius full moon florida water
    • 3x3 card with a mini spell 

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