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Salt and Sorcery

Remington Portable #3 antique typewriter

Remington Portable #3 antique typewriter

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This is a Remington Portable #3 antique typewriter in two-tone green.

The Remington Portable #3 was one of a line of Remington Portables released in the 1920s. These machines came in a wide variety of vibrant colors, with the two-tone versions being some of the most sought-after. This two-tone green version is an excellent example of these machines.

 At the time of purchase, the machine had been reconditioned and deemed ready to use. It was cleaned, polished, lubricated, adjusted, and comes with a new ribbon pre-installed, however, it has sat uncovered for a few years collecting dust, so it may need a good professional cleaning.

Mechanically, this typewriter is in excellent condition. All keys and control features function as they should, and the carriage moves smoothly. Like many machines of this age, the platen (roller) has hardened some, and will leave indentations and may even leave cutouts. (A second cushioning sheet of paper reduces this.) Otherwise, the machine is functioning exactly as it should.

There is magic in old typewriters, and this piece is perfect for writers, word witches, and spell casters to add to their sacred spaces.

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