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Salt and Sorcery

The Fool Ritual Oil

The Fool Ritual Oil

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The Fool (0)

Optimism. New beginnings. Inner child. Primordial matter.

Part of the Major Arcana ritual oil collection, The Fool is a Tarot inspired magical tool that was hand crafted and lovingly poured by me to help you awaken your spiritual memory, shed old skins, and step into a new adventure in the fullness of your being. Ritual oils combine crystals, botanicals, essential oils, and channeled energy to create a powerful tool for practical magic.

The Fool believes that everything will work out, and good things always come. They look at every choice and challenge as an opportunity to grow and expand the story of their life. This archetype is deeply connected to the inner child, and is both the beginning and the end, as the cycle goes on and on. Use this oil for ego deaths and a return to the primordial understanding that you are the very fabric of the Universe.

Use this oil to anoint your candles, spell or intention papers, and altars. Apply to your hands before writing or to your throat before speaking. Use a few drops in a bath, especially on a new or full moon. You can even use it as perfume or cuticle moisturizer—any and all applications will assist in the potency of your spiritual hygiene.

I hope you will receive this offering with an open heart and a willingness to allow magic to work its way into your bones, down to the marrow.

It has been an honor to create this oil for you. Thank you for accepting this magic.


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Please note: This offering was made using sweet almond oil as a carrier base. If you have a nut allergy, do not apply to skin. Do not ingest! 

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