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Salt and Sorcery

Winter Solstice Spell Kit

Winter Solstice Spell Kit

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WINTER SOLSTICE (the longest night)

Shab-e-Yalda (Yalda Night, also known as Shabe Chelleh) is an ancient Zoroastrianism celebration, historically referred to as “the night of suns birth.” This traditional Persian holiday occurs on the Winter Solstice—the longest night of the year—and thus ushers in the beginning of the gradual lengthening of daylight.

According to legend, Yalda Night traditions were upheld in order to guard against evil during the longest night, when darkness reigned for almost 16 hours. People would gather in order to be safer together, and stay up all night to withstand the darkness and survive its evils. Today, we commune with loved ones over fesenjoon, a chicken khoresh (or stew) made with pomegranate and walnuts. Pomegranate, which ripens in autumn, is one of the most distinctly Persian fruits, and is often associated with the underworld, rendering it an emblem of this Winter holiday.

We also, as on all holidays, recite poems from Divan-e-Hafez or any collected poems by the sufi master that Iranians revere. This year, I invite you to celebrate with Winter Solstice spell kits, made by me with loving awareness.

Each kit contains a glass vial full of sunstone, herbs, and botanicals, an orange chime candle, and a spell written and illustrated by me. This might be my favorite spell i’ve written for an S+S spell kit thus far, and I am deeply honored to share it with you.

To use the spell kit, simply empty the contents of the vial onto a fire safe dish, melt the bottom of the candle to adhere to the dish, light the candle and recite the spell. You can also use a candle stick or any other fire safe vessel to perform the spell. This kit is designed to be used on the night of the solstice, but can be used any time during this winter. It makes a beautiful accompaniment to your solstice altar or a thoughtful, unique holiday gift.

It has been an honor to create these kits for you. Thank you for accepting this magic.

Each Solstice Spell Kit contains:

  • a glass vial with a custom blend of botanicals and sunstone 
  • a spell written and illustrated by me, printed on 4x6 100lb paper (this spell will not be shown publicly on S+S but is yours to do with what you wish.)
  • an orange chime candle
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