This is Just What it's Like Sometimes

This is Just What it's Like Sometimes

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A collection of 35 short essays on hope, healing, purpose, and reclamation, This is Just What it's Like Sometimes is my first book, an offering of my very soul, from me to you. 

I wrote most of these essays during the darkest night of my soul, after the one who I thought was "forever" was suddenly no longer. In the wake of his departure, I did the only thing I've ever known how to do in pursuit of healing: I alchemized my pain into art.

These are stories for seekers who are just trying to find their way home—for anyone who is hellbent on keeping their heart open even when it's broken, even when it's raw. I hope that it reminds you that you're not alone in this uncertain place. I hope it helps you stay tethered to yourself, and open to the full experience of being human.

The book will ship to domestic readers from Los Angeles after March 25th. All books ordered through S+S will receive a signed copy that has been blessed by me. You can, however, purchase an unsigned copy immediately via Amazon.

For international readers, This is Just What it's Like Sometimes is available on Amazon and Amazon partners.

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