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Salt and Sorcery

Invocations: A Book of Spells (PRE ORDER)

Invocations: A Book of Spells (PRE ORDER)

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. The book is expected to ship after the Vernal Equinox, towards late March. All pre-orders will be signed by the author and include exclusive prints as a bonus. 

Every book is signed by the author (personalized inscriptions for the first 100 orders are SOLD OUT).

Please note: if you order this book + in stock offerings in the same order, they will ship together in March. If you would like your in stock items to ship now, please place a separate order.


Invocations is a book of 111 spells, and what are spells if not poems, at their core? Like Miss Erykah Badu said: 

Write it down on real paper with a real pencil with real intent and watch it get real. Spelling is a Spell.

Most of the spells in this book are written as 4 stanza poems, using rhyming quatrains with similar, lyrical meter. There are spells for abundance and spells for presence. There are even spells for childbirth, empty nesting, heartbreak, and inner child healing. There are spells for every full moon in the zodiac cycle and for each solstice and equinox.

They can be recited for ritual, handwritten and used in spellwork, or simply ingested as poetry for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Many of the spells in this book began as spontaneous spells commissioned by customers and typed on my 1958 Olympia SM4. I have been writing and compiling these spells for close to two years now, and I am honored and elated to finally share them with you.

Each and every spell/poem was channeled through the cosmos and into my hands, with loving awareness and intention. 


Why should you pre-order a book?

As an independent artist and self-published author, I do not receive a book advance from a publishing house, which would allow me to cover the cost of living as I write, illustrate, and edit each book. When you pre-order my books, you are helping to collectively crowd source that advance, which directly supports artists. This type of mutual aid puts the power back into the people's hands, and is a profound expression of community.


For international readers: if you wish to avoid international shipping costs, the book is available on all Amazon marketplaces. It will not be signed as it does not ship from me.


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