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Salt and Sorcery

Nowhere University (Grey)

Nowhere University (Grey)

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There is nowhere to go but here, no time to be but now.

The thing about Nowhere is that it's Now/Here. It isn't nonexistent, as the name implies—it's right here, right now, in the present moment. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do expect be here now. But being present isn't something you do just once; it's a practice, a process, something we do again and again. Sure, we get better at it as our awareness expands, but we still need to all ourselves back to it when we inevitably drift away. Our minds will pull us into ruminations and regrets of the past, and we suffer. Our thoughts will slip into worries of the future, and we suffer. Our task is not to eliminate that drift, but to return. To keep returning.

This is why I refer to my spiritual and meditative practices as the School of Nowhere, or Nowhere University. I am a student of meditation, a student of the present moment, a student of inner and outer peace—and every student needs apparel to rep their school, don't you think? That's how the idea for the Nowhere university crewneck was born, and I'm personally so excited to have one of my own.

I've designed this sweatshirt in homage of classic collegiate apparel as a reminder that we are all attending the school of the present moment. Wear it with pride as a reminder to yourself and others that the miracle of the present moment is always available to us, and the most effective way to live in peace is to be here now.

This design is printed on a standard all gender sweatshirt.


  • 50/50 cotton/fleece
  • All gender style
  • True to size (size chart below, I prefer a medium for fitted, large for oversized)
  • Made ethically in Los Angeles by folks earning fair wages + benefits
  • Screenprinted in LA by a small, family run business
  • Imagined, designed, + fulfilled by a WOC, single mama, and child of immigrants 


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